strategy & operations

What they're saying:

 “Investing in Anne Maxfield’s services was the best choice for GOTR. In the past three years, we have undergone talent transitions and needed the guidance of a professional to help take our organization from good to great. Our board is full of engaged and talented individuals … we are confident in the three-year strategic plan that Anne helped us to craft … the staff is excited to have a tangible action plan in place. As the director, I am thankful to have more concrete goals to tie to our staff progress reviews … thanks to Anne’s direction, our team clearly knows where we want to go and how we want to get there.”
- Mary Gaertner, Executive Director, Girls on the Run

Strategic Planning:

Strategic planning does not have to be complex and difficult; people make it so. To that end, when nonprofits engage Anne Maxfield, she has a process that is clear, simple, and will result in a robust plan. Ms. Maxfield will design and execute the entire strategic planning process using critical data gathered around cohorts identified by the Client. Embedded is diversity, equity, and inclusion. A full-day strategic planning process can take two different approaches: National Council for Nonprofits or based on the Vision/Traction Organizer©, a tool from the book, Traction.

Board & Staff Development

Work with executive staff and board to enhance their knowledge and skill for their respective nonprofit role. Develop key governance documents and train boards on their unique role with the nonprofit. Design and facilitate board and staff retreats.


Support nonprofit executives and board members through: profit and cost structure, analysis, staff/board structure design, budget setting, risk management, and fiscal management.

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