Anne M. Maxfield, LLC provides a variety of services to nonprofit organizations. Please see more detail on the following pages:

Who engages Anne M. Maxfield, LLC and her team of experts?

  1. Nonprofit boards of directors can engage Ms. Maxfield to serve as an interim executive director/president/CEO. 
  2. Nonprofit officers can contract Ms. Maxfield to provide fundraising and/or consulting services in addition to serving in an interim capacity. 
  3. Nonprofit agencies may enlist the support of Ms. Maxfield to serve as an "implementer" or a co-consultant depending on project scope. She is highly skilled to advise and/or implement any development program for mission fulfillment.

The Process
The first step is to
call or write Anne Maxfield and request a complimentary consultation. The second step is writing a draft consulting agreement for the client's review. Once confirmed, the agreement will be established and signed,  Final step -- work will commence.

In Anne's words:

"When I first meet with someone, I do quite a bit of listening so I can properly "diagnose" what a problem might be and guide the conversation toward a potential solution. Because of my 17 years working in the nonprofit sector, I am able to help my clients with strategy, tactics, implementation, planning, facilitation and so much more. Using a collaborative approach, we all work to achieve project goals."